Emerging as Buddha…

Both within and without.? I’ve always been intrigued by the classifications of artists as being in one of three realms: beginning, emerging and established.? May we all aspire to the first two and remain highly suspicious of the last!

Here is a new piece, more abstract and at the same time, I would suggest, more real.

back view
front view

We’re Told That We’re All Buddhas, but

but, we are a captive audience of standardized icons and story lines!? What to do?? Tell it new.? Show it fresh.? What else could we ever authentically do?? Tricky parts: trusting that, trusting that, trusting that.

I’m reminded of drawings that my daughters did in their early childhood.? Such conviction and surety (and purity!) in those portraits.

I’m reminded of a few of the earliest raku Buddhas I made and realize now, that it might be a good idea to revisit that squishy, likeness-free realm!

some early work
Early Abstract Buddhas