Sid cover 2015Sid is a genre-bending novel that weaves the traditional tale of Siddhartha, the Buddha-to-be with the story of Sid, an everyman who finds himself waking up amid the reality of work and family life in the modern world.

Book Trailer from SID

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Sadie & Mendel“Sadie & Mendel leapt off the pages every time I read it. This is an American story in the best sense of that word, and Ms. Feng is its perfect midwife.”
Lola Haskins, Author of Hunger

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Internal Strategies

“This is the poetry of necessity, drawn from a searing yet gentle vision of human tragedy and nobility. Anita Feng’s poems articulate quiet courage, humility, subtlety and authentic grace in a seamless book, the voice calm and wise as the proverbial ch’an master who, nose-to-nose with the tiger, does not blink. I shall cherish her gift for many years.”
-Sam Hamill

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